UIC: An Open Source IoT Framework

If you are looking for a fast, reliable and easy approach for connecting embedded systems to the cloud, then UIC is your framework of choice! UIC facilitates the process of configuring and deploying your IOT solution on multiple devices, provides values from the local hardware through EDMs (such as EAPI-EDMs) and connect them to any cloud solution from a simple configuration. And it's not just a framework – it's an open standard!

Why UIC?

Using the Universal Internet of Things connector (UIC) saves you time and helps you getting the internet of things done right. Let us give you a short overview of what we have put together to make developing embedded IoT solutions easier, even if you decide not to connect them to a cloud service.

Building Blocks

UIC consists of three core components: Project Configuration, Communication Agent & Embedded Driver Modules – all aimed at facilitating your work.

Easy Configuration

One of the guiding principles of UIC is »Configure once, deploy many« which has been implemented at the core of our Project Configuration.

Friendly License

All code is published under MIT License making it easy to modify the source code according to your needs and use it commercially – free of charge.

Hardware Agnostic

By using EDMs such as the EAPI EDMs to access and control embedded IOT devices, UIC makes the process of connecting embedded systems to the cloud a breeze.

Any Cloud

There are more than 500 cloud solutions out there and UIC is ready to embrace them. All you need is a Communication Agent and you are ready to connect!

It's a Standard!

UIC is more than a framework – it's an Open Standard for connecting embedded IOT devices to the cloud. Be part of the movement and join us!

Get involved with UIC and SGET

Are you offering a cloud solution that you would like to include with UIC? Write your Communication Agent and add it to our open GitHub repository! Or are you producing or customizing embedded hardware? Then add your Communication Agent to our sgetuic git. If you like what you see, we strongly encourage you to join SGET and help us make the future of IoT an open future that is not agnostic to hard- and software.

Are you preparing a cloud solution or you want to get more flexibility in your existing solution? Download the framework code from Github today.

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The API specification and documentation for UIC.

UIC architechture & components

What UIC is made for

UIC Specification 1.0

Published: March 12, 2018

The UIC standard consists of three elements: The hardware module, the application module and the configuration module. They interact with each other and are orchestrated by the UIC core module, the heart of the SGET Universal IoT Connector. Each of the modules can be individually exchanged or replaced. If you would like to find out more about how this works, the detailed specification is a good starting point.

Download Specification (PDF, 539 kB)

UIC Documentation & Framework

Hosted on GitHub

In addition to our extensive specification we provide the source code of the UIC framework as well as a growing documentation on GitHub. We strongly encourage users of UIC to contribute to our project by committing their solutions to our repository.

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Working on your own cloud?

Are you preparing a cloud solution or you want to get more flexibility in your existing solution? Grab the framework code from Github and start working on your solution today.

Download UIC framework

About us

SGET e.V. is a registered technical, scientific and educational not-for-profit association organised under German law with its registered office in Munich. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of science, technology and research for the benefit of society and humanity. SGET e.V publishes the results of the working groups and promotes their application for the benefit of and without cost to the general public. More on sget.org

We standardise

Universal IoT Connector (UIC) is a software-only standard developed by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies to enable any embedded hardware to exchange data with a cloud hosted infrastructure.

We inform

We get involved in industry-leading talks and inform at trade-shows and other events about the ongoing development of UIC and other popular open SGET standards (embedded NUC, SMARC, Qseven).

We support

Our mission is to support and promote science, technology and research in the field of embedded hard- and software technologies for the benefit of society and humanity.

We connect

SGET serves as an open discussion forum for its members as well as a connection platform for those interested in the use of embedded technologies and open standards.

Official UIC members

  • ADLINK Technology Inc.
  • congatec AG
  • iesy GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kontron S&T AG
  • Portwell Deutschland GmbH
  • SECO S.p.A.

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